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Newsletter #1 - Every Adventure Has a Beginning!

Welcome to the first official newsletter for LermzyKreeations! We hope to soon become your favorite Filipino spoonie couple as we take you on a journey with our artist creations!

Each newsletter we will spotlight an item from our LermzyKreeations Etsy store. It’s our mission to showcase fantastic items that you can use in your own household.

Please consider supporting us by taking a look at our store, telling others about our passion or by helping us get new equipment to make even better items for the store! We appreciate even your consideration, it means the world to us!

Spotlight Item - Popcorn Eating Kirby Luggage Tag!

This adorable Kirby Luggage tag is an original design from Kree. Originally crafted as an emote for our Twitch channel - this luggage tag will surely stand out as a unique identifier as you look for your luggage on the carousel!

Product Details:

  • 100% Polyester Material

  • Includes a gray canvas buckle

  • 3” x 4.5” area. Included strap is 7”

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Life Update

Every newsletter we want to provide a quick update on our personal lives! Recently Kree had a surgery to remove a cyst that was triple the size of her right ovary. The surgery went well and Kree will be on bed rest to recover. Thank you for all the thoughts, prayers and warm wishes. We felt the love and support from around the world!

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